Reclamation And Land Surveyors: An Important Relationship

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Reclamation And Land Surveyors: An Important Relationship

Reclamation And Land Surveyors: An Important Relationship

11 August 2016
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The extraction of minerals and fossil fuels and other mining activities can leave the landscape barren once mining has ceased. Reclaiming this land can be challenging, but it's important when it comes to restoring a functional landscape. If your company is charged with the task of reclaiming an area used for mining, you may want to rely on the help of a land surveyor.

Here are three simple things a land surveyor can do that will help make your reclamation project easier to complete in the future.

1. Contamination Survey

Mining activities often require access to equipment that could contaminate the landscape. Contaminated soil could pose a threat to both plant and human health, so it's important to know if the soil on your reclamation site has been compromised.

A land surveyor can complete a contamination survey that will help you identify any potential risks. This contamination survey plays a critical role in developing a contaminated land risk assessment plan, so be sure to partner with a surveyor experienced in identifying contaminated soils.

2. Soil Profile

When trying to restore a mined area to its original state, it's important to take the condition of the soil into consideration. A land surveyor has the ability to create a soil profile that will help you see if the condition of the original soil that was present in the area before mining started is still viable.

By taking a vertical sample of the soil in various locations throughout your reclamation site, a land surveyor can help you identify whether or not stripping away contaminated or barren topsoil layers can be beneficial in completing your reclamation project.

3. On-going Monitoring

The land conditions at a reclamation site are constantly changing. As you move contaminated soil away from the site and replace it with healthy soil, the soil profile changes.

This changing profile can affect plant growth and the sustainability of your reclamation project long-term. Working with an experienced land surveyor to help you monitor your project on an on-going basis will help you avoid serious problems as the project unfolds.

Taking the time to understand that land surveyors can do more than just mark legal boundaries will help you see how valuable these professionals can be when reclaiming a landscape damaged by mining activities. Rely on a land surveyor for information on contaminated soil, the condition of various soil layers and on-going monitoring to ensure your reclamation project is a success.

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