Tips For Choosing The Best Boots When Working As A Farmhand

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Tips For Choosing The Best Boots When Working As A Farmhand

Tips For Choosing The Best Boots When Working As A Farmhand

11 August 2016
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Working on a farm can be hard on your feet. You have to walk around a lot when working on a farm and having the right boots can make all the difference in the world. The guide below walks you through a few things to look for when searching for a pair of boots to wear when working as a farmhand.

Choose Waterproof Boots

On a farm, there will often be wet, muddy soil that you will need to walk in on a regular basis. Having waterproof boots will keep your feet from getting wet as you work. When you step in muck and need to clean them off, you will be able to simply spray them down with a hose when needed if they are waterproof.

Choose Boots with Good Arch Support

The ground on a farm is often not very level. You need to be sure that you choose a pair of boots that has good arch support in them to ensure that your feet can be properly supported as you walk. You may also want to choose boots that come above your ankles to ensure you can provide your ankles with support so that they do not easily twist when stepping in holes or hilly soil.

Choose Boots with Steel Toes

There are often many things that could fall on your feet when you work on a farm, as well. You need boots that have steel in the toes of the boots to protect your toes. The steel will not collapse when something falls on your toe so that your feet can be safe at all times.

Consider the Size

When buying boots to wear when working on a farm, it is important to consider the size boot you want to buy. You need to be sure that you have boots to wear during any season that fit you comfortably. You may want to buy two pairs of boots. One that fits you with a regular pair of socks on and another pair that is roughly a half a size bigger to wear with thermal or wool socks during the older months. The thermal or wool socks are often much thicker and having extra room in your boot will keep your feet from being squished during the colder months of the year.

Be sure to try on a few pairs of boots before choosing one to purchase. Walk around in them to make sure that they do not rub or pinch your feet to ensure that they will feel comfortable when you wear them on the farm.

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