Can't Sell Your Old Combine? How To "Chop Shop" Ag Equipment And Sell It That Way

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Can't Sell Your Old Combine? How To "Chop Shop" Ag Equipment And Sell It That Way

Can't Sell Your Old Combine? How To "Chop Shop" Ag Equipment And Sell It That Way

15 August 2016
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Combines are monster-sized machines. When a farmer wants a full-on combine, he or she will get one, but usually several other pieces of farm equipment for lesser expense are sufficient. If you have a combine that you have been trying to sell for what feels like forever, maybe it is time to take a different approach. Try selling individual combine parts (i.e., break down the combine for parts and sell them like you would with an old car). Here is how you can "chop shop" your combine and other agricultural equipment and then sell the parts instead of the whole machine.

Remove ALL Easily Removable Parts

Many combines already come with accessories you can attach for various farming purposes. Remove all of the accessories and sell these off first. If you cannot sell them through classified ads, sell them through an estate sale or online auctions. If you are worried about shipping, you can always request that the buyer pick their items up in person or that they pay the shipping and freight charges. Anything else that can be removed, including engine parts, hydraulic tubes, cab covers, shift gears and sticks, etc. can also be stripped from the combine and sold in the same way.

Sell the Remaining Body at a Reduced Price

Now, what you have left may be just a hull of a combine, but it may be exactly what another farmer is looking for. You can sell this off in many of the same ways you just sold all of its former parts. If that does not work, send it to the nearest farm sale and see if you can sell it that way.

Sell Remaining Metal Components for Scrap

The metal scrap business would certainly love a big chunk of metal, the kind that is provided by a combine. You may take a small hit by selling just the hull because the salvage yard would have to pick it up, but when metal is sold by the pound, not much else beats the cash made on a combine. If you want to sell the combine fully intact to the salvage yard, and you drive it there, you are more likely to acquire a better salvage price. However, it probably will not garner you quite as much cash as it would if you disassemble it and sell all of the parts (either locally or in online auctions).

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