Reasons To Regularly Trim And Prune The Bushes And Trees On Your Property

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Reasons To Regularly Trim And Prune The Bushes And Trees On Your Property

Reasons To Regularly Trim And Prune The Bushes And Trees On Your Property

18 August 2016
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As a new homeowner who has lived in apartments until recently, you might be somewhat overwhelmed with all the maintenance and landscaping tasks that are now your responsibility. You might think about allowing the trees and bushes on your property to grow, thinking you'll get to them later, but the following points may convince you to add pruning and trimming to your weekly or monthly list of priorities.

You Need to Protect Your House

The first thing you need to think about when understanding why pruning and trimming is important is your house. Branches and dead leaves that are not removed from small trees can go flying into your windows during a heavy rainstorm. Not only that, but if you don't take the time to adequately trim and prune your trees, they could become so heavy due to all the extra leaves and branches that one major storm could cause the ground to become soft enough to allow the tree to lean over and infiltrate windows. In extreme cases, trees can come crashing down on your roof.

Not only do you need to protect the house itself, you need to do everything you can to keep those inside it protected as well. Untrimmed bushes and trees can stand out to thieves, as they might think that the house is uninhabited if they see the house when no one is home. Keeping your plants looking good alerts everyone that there are people who are regularly in the home and maintaining the property; intruders might look for a different target instead.

Trimming Stops Roots From Extending Too Far

You might not think about this often, but the bushes and trees on your property don't only grow above ground. As they rise, their root systems become more complex and reach further underneath the soil. This can present major problems for your driveway because larger roots can disrupt the soil underneath the asphalt and over time cause cracks in your driveway. The same can happen to walkways on your land. Roots that are near to the surface, such as those for willow or maple trees, can also pop up above the soil as they grow, which can create fall hazards and difficulties when you need to cut your grass. Trimming and pruning will help you stop overgrowth.

Now that you're more aware of a couple of reasons that trimming and pruning need to be taken care of regularly, get yourself a pair of pruning tools and get started. With good tools and determination, your bushes and trees can be tamed

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