Tackling Common Submersible Well Pump Problems On Your Farm

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Tackling Common Submersible Well Pump Problems On Your Farm

Tackling Common Submersible Well Pump Problems On Your Farm

23 August 2016
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While the agricultural business can be profitable, the key to being the most profitable is to keep expenses down, which is why relying on natural water supplies is only logical. If you have a well on your property for your agricultural needs, your well pump serves the crucial purpose of giving you a good supply of water as it is needed. So when issues come up, it can put a huge damper on your daily operations. Here are a few of the most common problems you may face at times with your submersible well pump on your farm and the simple solutions it will be helpful to know. 

Problem: Your water tank is not filling even though the pump is running.

Cause and Solution: You hear the pump kick on when your water reservoir tank is getting low, but no water is actually being pulled from the tank. What you are experiencing is an issue with lack of air pressure to pull the water from the well to the tank. In this case, the diaphragm on the submersible well pump could be sticking, which will require you to manually unstick it by removing the pump from the well. If the problem continues, you may have to get a replacement diaphragm for the pump. 

Problem: The pump is running at startup but the overload switch constantly trips. 

Cause and Solution: In most cases, this issue points to some sort of electrical problem, which may not actually be the pump. if you are positive you have an adequate amount of electrical power being supplied, the pump should be checked for wiring issues. Crossed wires can cause a shorted circuit, which will generate heat and cause the overload switch to trip. 

Problem: Your pump keeps running and kicking on with little water production. 

Cause and Solution: First of all, make sure your submersible well pump is situated deep enough in the well that the inlet line can actually reach the water. Sometimes, in dry spells, the water level in your well can change, which will mean the pump needs to be lowered. If this is not the issue, make sure the pressure control switch on your submersible pump is functional. Additionally, a submersible well pump with this issue could have an ailing motor. If the motor of your pump sounds different or seems to be pulling excessively hard, you may have to have it replaced with a new unit. 

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