How To Get The Best Results With A Middle Buster

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How To Get The Best Results With A Middle Buster

How To Get The Best Results With A Middle Buster

4 November 2016
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Whether you've opted to rent or invest in a new middle buster, you have your hands on a valuable and versatile piece of agricultural equipment. A middle buster is in the family of tillers and subsoilers that attach to your tractor, offering you a faster, cleaner way to prepare your soil for seeing. And though middle busters are typically used for soil preparation, they can also be used for a number of other projects around your farm. So if you're ready to change the face of your landscape, here's what you should consider to get the best results with a middle buster.

Consider Your Tractor

Before you begin to use a middle buster or subsoiler attachment, consider basic maintenance and machinery requirements that  need to be met on your tractor. A middle buster works by tilling through a wide range of terrains, but typically transforms one with mostly soil composition that can be displaced easily by the attachment. If your ground is rocky, includes root systems, or is wet, you may have a hard time using your middle buster.

So in order to get the best performance over a diverse range of ground types and conditions, you need to make sure you have enough power in your tractor to move the ground your preparing for soil. If you've got a small tractor, or a small plot to prepare, you can improve the performance of your tractor and the middle buster by using agricultural tires, for optimal efficiency and power.

Beyond Taming Your Turf  

A middle buster can be a great and incredibly affordable investment for your small farm or even residence, because it can often pull double-duty for other mundane chores around your property. Middle busters look like spades, or shovels, and can come in singular or multiple shanks on the attachment, which is helpful for taming multiple rows for seeding. But these tools can also be effective at diverting water flow through creating irrigation channels, initiating a trench for pipe laying, as well as removing small stumps and obstacles where you're about to sow.

If you have the proper power through your tractor (and by employing the right tires), you can effectively create shallow and uniform trenches over a large distance in no time, using multiple passes over the terrain with your middle buster. Though this is less effective at removing or excavating, a middle buster is a cheaper attachment than an excavator, as it doesn't require hydraulic operation.

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