An Energy Efficient Machine That Separates Solids From Liquid

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An Energy Efficient Machine That Separates Solids From Liquid

An Energy Efficient Machine That Separates Solids From Liquid

16 February 2021
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Wastewater treatment involves removing liquids and contaminants from sludge. Before sludge is disposed of, efforts are made to compress it. As the volume of a solid is condensed and heated, fewer pathogens may be present and the substance is easier to handle. A dewatering screw press is a machine that contains a thickening chamber. This type of equipment is suitable for use in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes.

A Self-Contained Unit That Doesn't Require Constant Overseeing

Conveyor ovens, furnaces, and compressors are often used in treatment facilities. This equipment requires constant monitoring, and a drying or condensing process may not always result in dry sludge cakes that can easily be handled by your employees.

A self-contained dewatering unit that will operate without anyone overseeing the equipment is capable of producing solids that are adequately compressed and dry to the touch. As the screw pitch and screw diameter are changed, a gap will form between the floating and fixed rings. A squeezing force is generated and liquid is extracted.

Odor elimination is often difficult to attain, especially with centrifugal or drum equipment that is repeatedly used for several treatment processes. After buying a screw press from a wholesaler, fewer offensive odors may be present and the time that it takes to complete a treatment may be drastically reduced. Because less handling of the material will be necessary for the duration of treatment, your employees will not come into contact with pathogens as often as they previously did.

Environmentally-Friendly And Efficient

The environment is susceptible to contamination when solid or liquid waste is disposed of and the wastewater materials weren't treated efficiently. With the addition of a compact machine, you will encounter fewer energy costs and the equipment can be set up along the end of a line that contains other pieces of equipment that are necessary for wastewater treatment.

A blower motor, a filter, an exhaust, and additional odor neutralizing agents will not be needed during the use of the machine. If you purchase a dewater screw press through a wholesaler, request a demonstration on how to use the machine and inquire about the purchase of replacement materials.

Because the solids and liquids will be separated in an efficient manner and you may notice that less volume is taken up after each treatment process, fewer trips will need to be taken to dump materials. Use the same hauling equipment that is typically used to release wastewater and solids into the environment, but require your crew to conduct more treatment cycles in one session. This benefit will reduce costs associated with transporting materials.

Talk to a dewater screw press retailer for more information.

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