Scales For Weighing Cattle

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Scales For Weighing Cattle

Scales For Weighing Cattle

20 April 2022
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Weighing your cattle is a fundamental practice that will ensure that your cattle are gaining weight or maintaining their current weight. Cattle equipment that is designed for weighing purposes should fit in an area that your animals can access. Additionally, a weighing unit should contain some features that will make the equipment convenient to use.

Immobile Or Mobile

An immobile unit may contain concrete sections that are designed to anchor the sidebars that comprise a weighing unit. This type of weighing station will be heavy and should be used in one area that is designated for weighing purposes. The load cell that runs underneath a weighing station should have enough clearance to connect the cables necessary to power up the equipment. Additionally, considerations should be made about where a set of scales will be plugged in.

Mobile units include weighing chutes and rolling scales. These types of scales can be placed underneath a squeeze chute or can be set up inside of a narrow passageway that is adjacent to the area where animals enter and exit their pen. A portable set of scales may or may not contain sidewalls. Some portable models may come with collapsible sidebars.

Portable weighing stations are most suitable for livestock owners who are going to be moving their livestock around a lot. For instance, if cattle are going to be brought to a fair or to a public auction, a portable unit will be an essential item that will allow a livestock owner to quickly access their livestock's weight, without needing to deal with cumbersome scale parts that are difficult to transport or move around a piece of property.

Unique Features

A set of scales that are designed for weighing livestock may contain some unique features that will make the weighing process easy to accomplish. Some models are designed to be connected to a smartphone. This type of model will relay information to you, concerning the weight of each animal. A set of scales may also contain an EID (electronic identification) reader. This type of reader will allow a user to keep track of their cattle's weight and keep the details classified. As an animal walks up to the set of scales, its identification tag will be scanned. Afterward, the animal can step onto the weighing platform. The weight that is calculated will be recorded and will be posted alongside the EID number that the reader detected.

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